Communication/Fall Celebration Guide

Communication/Fall Celebration Guide
Posted on 10/30/2020
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November 2020

Communication is key: Please call the office when...

We want to make sure kids are safe.  Good communication between home and school is essential to making sure that we keep our students and staff safe during the Coronavirus pandemic.  

Please call the office when:

✔Someone in your household has symptoms and is being tested for Covid. 
✔You have a child who is sick at home.  If he/she has symptoms that might be Covid infection, other children in the
household should stay home as well.

✔When you learn Covid test results of a household member.  Please share test results with the office before you send
your child back to school.  We need to know that it’s okay for your child to be back at school. 

For Middle & High School students: when you return after a Covid-related absence (whether you were sick, on quarantine, or awaiting test results for you or a household member), please check in with the office prior to going to class.  This will help ensure we are all on the same page and know that it’s okay for you to be back at school!

Be safe this fall: CDC fall celebration guidance

The pandemic has affected just about every aspect of our lives.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released guidance for Fall Holiday Celebrations that might help guide us in the ways we choose to celebrate.  The Minnesota Department of Health has published this video about how Covid spreads in groups. 

Reminder: masks & water bottles

All students need to wear a mask each day.  Please have conversations in your families about kids wearing their masks to school each day.  Masks should cover the nose and extend below the chin.  We are seeing some kids becoming more relaxed with mask-wearing.  It is still the expectation that masks are worn full-time, except when outside or when eating & drinking.  Please reinforce this at home.

Compeer Financial donated water bottles to all of our students!  Please make sure that your student has a water bottle every day at school.  Water bottles may remain at school at a desk or in a locker.  Our drinking fountains are turned OFF but our bottle-filling stations are ON, so the only way for students to get a drink of water is to have their own water bottle.     

A resource for families

As we dive into flu season, we know there may be families in our district who do not have a thermometer.  Anyone with a fever greater than or equal to 100.4 should not be at school.  If your household is in need of a thermometer, please complete this Thermometer Request Form to receive one.  We were given a handful of digital thermometers by our friends at Human Services of Faribault & Martin Counties.  We are happy to share!


Take care & stay well,

Ann Crofton, RN, MS

Licensed School Nurse

Covid-19 Program Coordinator

Blue Earth Area Schools 

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